Research for the Most Influential Website for your Marketing Campagin

The moment your boss came to you and asked: Hey can you tell me what are the most popular websites in our industry?

What is your response? Googling “what are the most popular websites in our industry”

That is very obvious, but what kind of random and scattered unverified data are you getting on the web? Can you really use those website metrics? Are these random search data really reliable?

Digital Marketers has their own way of using research tools, the most notably Alexa, Google Trend.


The quickest  way to evaluate any websites

just change to any website domain of your choice

Another easy way to do it is using the Alexa Traffic Rank for Extension for Chrome


Scenario #2 – When your boss asked: Which website should we invest in our next marketing campaign?

What do you do??

  1. Finding the most influential website in your industry.
  2. Most relevant to your marketing segment.
  3. The website brand that can align with your business.

How do you start? Alexa provides the metric and number of showing your what is the most inflluencial website in the Global, by Category and Country for free at the Moment.

(1) Global
(2) By Country
(3) By Category

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